Art Bursaries & Scholarship

Bursary Fund

We’ve awarded over $20,000 to 200+ students!

In 2000 our Board of Directors established the Forum Art Bursary fund program. We award art classes to deserving teens aged 12 to 16 who have been chosen as worthy recipients through application submitted by their art teacher or principal.

The Forum Art Centre is committed to awarding a minimum of nine bursaries annually (3 for each ten week session of classes) but we would love to give away more. Financial donations designated as bursary fund donations become restricted income allocated for this purpose with no administration or other expenses attached.

If you would like to grow our Bursary fund and nurture art opportunities for teens please donate.


Mail cheque payable to: Forum Art Centre, ATTN:Bursary Fund, 120 Eugenie Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2H 0X7.

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Nikola Bjelajac Scholarship

Nik was one of our founders & he often gave new students who couldn’t afford classes the opportunity to take some classes under his guidance. As he had created the atmosphere for learning and he wanted to do this for others, it happened fairly regularly. On occasion we have been asked if there are any funds for a class for an adult student on a very limited budget. As we are a registered charity we require fees as the basis for our revenue, as this was something Nik would want.

In 2009 we established the Nikola Bjelajac Scholarship. We will award one session of classes to a deserving recipient for an adult wishing to take art classes.

To apply, contact the Executive Director with a simple explanation of the individuals’ situation and they will be registered for one art class for no fee.

We will try to find donated art supplies for this person – but cannot guarantee all materials will be available.

If there is more than one request per session the Executive Director will meet with the Art Director & several Board members to select one person. If requested a name can be put on a waiting list for the next session.