Forum Art Fair

2017 Dates To Be Announced


To Enter: Open to all Manitoba Artists & Fine Art Crafters!

 Every artist must submit a listing of their artwork for sale. All regular art pieces must be labeled with your name, title of work, medium and set price on tags. (If you have smaller items they must at least be numbered/itemized with a corresponding sheet for sales.) All art must be ready to hang (i.e. Wire attached to back). If art is submitted without being ready to hang, we may have it done and you will be charged $5 per item.

Pricing: As this is a fundraiser for the Forum Art the commission retained by the Forum Art is as follows: Items price from $1 to $5 each – no commission; items priced from over $5 to $50 each – 25% commission to Forum Art; items priced from over $50 – a minimum of 40% commission to the Forum Art. As a registered charity you can donate 50% commission or any 100% donations will receive a tax receipt for art sold.

All Mediums Accepted: All art doesn’t have to be an original or even hung on a wall for this sale. It can be other related items. You may submit all types of creative works such as prints, ceramics, recycled art, posters, cards, books, frames, artistic jewellery, candles, etc. Crafted art accepted must be made by an artist – nothing produced commercially. You are also welcome to contribute art donations to our clearance section.

Volunteering: There is a signup sheet at the front entry of the Forum with plenty of options including before, during and after the sale. If you can’t make it in to write your name, please call 204-235-1069 to make arrangements or email: If you cannot volunteer we ask that you donate $10 towards exhibition expenses.