Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register?

You can register online, over the phone (204-235-1069), through email (register@forumartcentre.com), or in-person (120 Eugenie Street) Monday and Thursdays 10 – 4pm.

We also hold Open Houses a few weeks before every new schedule starts. Come say hi, take a tour and ask us anything about classes, workshops and the Forum Art Centre. We’re here to help everyone with anything art!

When are you open?

We hold office hours on Mondays and Thursdays from 10-4pm. 

When can I register?

You can register as soon as the most current schedule is available — which is usually at least one month in advance. Registration stops the first week of classes, but we’ll welcome new students if you only missed one class.

We also hold Open House 3 times a year where you can tour the centre, register in-person and ask us any questions.

If you want to know as soon as the schedule is released and ready for registration, you can sign up for our small newsletter

How much do classes cost?

Adult classes are $150, Children’s and Teen classes are $130.

Depending on what class you take, there might be some other fees: such as Firing $25.00 (only for clay classes), Model’s Fee $30.00-$45.00 (only some drawing classes and depending on how often a model is needed) or a Supply Fee (varies by class. This is usually for classes with a complicated list of supplies that is easier for the instructor to gather rather than the student).

If you register children for art classes, remember that the receipt can be used in your taxes.

Children’s Tax Credit Links:

Canada Revenue Agency

Manitoba Government


If you need more information, please see our Fee page.

What do the skill levels mean? (e.g. Beginner, Intermediate)

All Skill Levels – From true beginners to advanced artists, this class can be taken by everyone and meet their needs.

Beginner – For those who have never worked in that medium before or have never taken an art class before.
Example: They have not picked up a paint brush in a long time or at all.

Beginner / Intermediate – For those who have never worked in that medium, have never taken an art class before, or those who have a good grasp of the general knowledge. This class is best for those who are still learning the concepts and are building those skills.
Example: Understand or have faint knowledge in concepts like light/contrast or colour mixing but need more practise.

Intermediate I – For those who have taken beginner classes before and have knowledge in that medium.
Example: Knowledgeable in art concepts like colour mixing but need more practise.

Intermediate II – For more advanced students who understand the techniques within the medium and are expanding their own style in a classroom setting.
Example: Experienced with art concepts and want a structured setting to test their strengths and weaknesses.

My child is six-years-old or under, can they register?

As long as their 7th birthday falls before the last day of that year, they are welcome to join the Children’s Art classes. 

Meaning, if they turn 7 sometime within that year, they can absolutely register, even if the class is held, for example, in January and their birthday is in November.

Example: In 2018 a student must be 7 y.o. before December 31st, 2018.

Do you have any kid’s classes?

Yes, absolutely! We have Morning and Afternoon general art classes and sometimes an Animation class — all on Saturdays.

The general classes go through many different mediums: clay, painting, drawing, ink, mixed media, soft sculpture and more.

The animation class utilizes many different types of mediums such as claymation, paper animation, human animation, cel, junk animation, shadow animation, etc.

On the 9th class the students hold an art show for friends and family to see work completed during the 10 weeks. You can see more information on that show here.

While each season has the same mediums, projects will change and students will hone and develop their skills. A number of students retake the same class for years for this reason.

All supplies are included in the cost. Students should not wear nice clothing as art gets messy.

Do you host art parties for children or adults?

We do not hold children’s birthday parties. 

We do painting and art parties for adults (bachelorettes, gatherings, reunions, team building exercises, events, etc.).

If you are interested in having an art party please email us with the type of event, tentative dates, and basic headcount to receive more info.

Can you donate to my social?

Sorry, as a small, local, registered charity we do not have the capacity to donate items/funds beyond our bursary programs and other initiatives. See the donations page to how we contribute funds and extended programming to the community.

I'm a Beginner, where do I start?

Since everyone learns differently, it is entirely up to you, but there tends to be two paths:

1) Take a medium you’ll love, know your weaknesses and work around them.

2) Start at the beginning, which is drawing. Some feel the foundation of all art is knowing how to draw, if you feel the same then start with a drawing class and expand into other mediums.

But most of all, just try what you’re comfortable with and go with the flow of the class. You’ll have a lot more fun (and remember more) trying something you like than starting with something you don’t like, but feel you need.

Look for classes labelled as Beginner, Introduction or All Skill Levels, choose a time slot that fits your schedule and come ready to learn.

If you start a class that feels way over your head, not your speed or you’re not meshing well with the instructor, let us know immediately and we’ll help you switch to another class. Don’t feel stuck and get discouraged, we are happy to find a solution.

You have a number of classes in the same medium (ie. Acrylic), which one do I choose?

Choose based on your schedule, your skill level or your interest in the instructor. You can find more information about instructors here.

Still can’t decide? Tell us what you’re looking for and we can help you narrow down to the right class for your needs.

What supplies should I bring? What if I don’t have everything?

We provide supply lists on the Descriptions Page to give you a good sense of what instructors will expect to work with. Unless a class description says that all supplies are provided, you are expected to come to class with your own materials.

You can always bring more, or bring the very minimum to the first class and ask the instructor for clarification.

I can’t afford all these supplies! What can I do?

Ask your instructor to detail the bare minimum supplies needed for the class. Some things you can borrow, find or repurpose and instructors are masters of finding new uses for household items.

You don’t need to drop tons of money on supplies: buy the best paints, brushes and painting supports that work with your budget, then reimagine the rest of your list.

Some students buy dollarstore quality, some buy student-grade quality, and some buy professional quality. There is no stigma or embarrasement to what you bring, just be aware that all grades act differently.

A brush holder isn’t always necessary when there is a clean yogurt container in the recycling bin. A dinner plate or large plastic lid works really well as a palette. A old credit card works like a palette knife, and an old t-shirt can be converted into a rag.

Don’t forget to make use of Winnipeg’s amazing community! Spaces like ArtsJunktion and the local thrift stores have tons of interesting materials that you can incorporate into your supply chest. Kijiji is also a great resource for used or new supplies.

My life is super busy and I can't schedule 10 weeks of classes, what can I take?

We organize our classes for 10 weeks to give everyone enough room to learn the medium/subject while grasping the techniques and starting a small body of work. What we want to accomplish just can’t be told in a few hours. If you want to take an art class but can’t commit, start with a workshop. It won’t go into the depth of a full class but will cover some points and get you started.

If you want to be notified of when workshops become available, please sign up for our newsletter: https://www.forumartcentre.com/newsletter/
Or Like Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/forumartcentre

I want to sell and show my work. How can I get the world to see it?

Yay! We love to see local work! We hold three art shows every year: one just for students of the Forum, one for small papers, and one for all Manitoba artists.

Student Show AKA The Fresh Art Show: Held usually around June, this show is only for students of Forum who have taken at least one class or workshop within the last 12 months. Forum takes a small commission ONLY if your work is sold, and you gets lots of benefits for submitting work.

Small Papers Show: This is new event and open to all Manitoba artists who have small paper artworks. Forum takes a small commission ONLY if your work is sold, and you gets lots of benefits for submitting work. If you are interested in submitting to this show, please consider volunteering a few hours of your time to help us set up, maintain and take down the show.

Forum Art Fair: Open to all Manitoba artists, this is our BIG show! Held at the end of November, you can submit as much work as you’d like. You don’t need to man your work, we’ll take care of it all. Forum takes a small commission ONLY if your work is sold, and you gets lots of benefits for submitting work. If you are interested in submitting to this show, please consider volunteering a few hours of your time to help us set up, maintain and take down the show.

I want to volunteer, what can I do? Who do I talk to?

Our lives wouldn’t be complete without a healthy volunteer community, send us an email detailing on how you’d like to help. Volunteers help with all aspects of our organization and some like it here so much they become Board Members. Get involved today!

I have this old easel / painting / art book / kiln / etc. Do you want it?

Yes! Depending on what condition it is in, and how many we already have, we will absolutely accept supply/material/item donations with a smile and hug.

We also will take materials, and if we can’t use it pass it to other local organizations that need it. That means that all things that are donated always get a good home.