Handbuilt Pottery



o 1 box of low fire clay o 1 wire pull, 1 bristle square brush (like a pastry brush)
o 1 fettling knife (Kemper #97)
o 1 scoring rib
o 1 rounded wooden modeling stick o a full apron, towel or protective cover-up is suggested o paper towels or rags for cleaning
o Glazes – see note

For clay we would recommend the Red Earthenware Body at the Sounding Stone or a Canadian low fire clay at Prairie Stained Glass. These types of clay are easier to use and are likely to give the best results with more possibilities for the novice as well as the advanced. Other clays may be used depending on its use – discuss this with Kevin.

Please note: Some required materials (glazes) can be provided jointly through bulk purchases with other students. There are a variety of glazes available to use for free but we cannot guarantee the colours due to the age of some of the glazes & we do not have test samples of them.

Also note: There is a firing fee for each clay course – fee is $25.00 – some allowances if little to no pieces are fired or a large amount is fired. This would be determined by the instructor.